Mad Men's SC&P

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Curious what you guys think of Mad Men's "Sterling Cooper & Partners" logo.

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It would be pretty cool if this were 1972…

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I’m only on season 3 (1963). What year is this supposed to be for?

In season 3 Roger Sterling is getting sidelined. On top this makes Sterling and Partners more important than Cooper. Was there a turnabout and Cooper, the wily one, got the short-shrift instead?

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The stencil, the ampersand, and the Eurostile each seem period-evocative, but in different, and not really harmonious, ways. Like if you wanted a seventies movie poster and I produced Vito Corleone fending off a great white shark with a light saber.

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Craig, I'm gonna have a helluva time getting rid of that image from my brain...


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I think, by itself the "Sterling Cooper" looks pretty good, so does "and partners". The ampersand looks nearly classy. What's with the mismatched terminals? Was that once popular?

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