Geometric and calligraphic shape dots

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What is the difference in the dots of a simple geometric shape and calligraphic shape used in font designing? I would appreciate if somebody explain its details with some images and the advantages of one type of dot over the other?

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In a sentence: it's how the stroke is modulated. :)

In a simple way, let's say that a "calligraphic" font tries to emulate a nib or other writing tool, while "geometric" is a rationalization of the letter's shape.

With that said, the calligraphic letter considers the imprint that a writing tool would leave, a.i. the stroke, while the geometric letter considers the geometric reduction of it's outlines. So one is written, the other is rigorously drawn.

As for the dots, the same thing: is it the register of a writing tool or a geometrization of the outlines? And, by the way, the advantages are none, nor the disadvantages: it's just an aesthetic choice.


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As for Arabic typefaces, have a look at and compare the dots in Ali Moshref's proposition.

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