MailChimp Logo Redesigned

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Pay peanuts... :-)

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I like the original "M" better, but overall a big improvement.


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Handsome Pro Bold, backslanted 15°

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Logo revision by Jessica Hische. More blurb on her site

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Congrats Jessi, scoopin' the easy money ...Handsome Pro Bold, backslanted 15° (...with just the right amount of minor tweak this and tweak that).


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Guys, it's not even close.


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Hey, I’m not knocking the redesign, just pimping my font :-)
It’s a comparison for consideration.

Among other things, I like the way Ms Hische has made the ascender of /h longer.
I made all Handsome’s extenders and caps pretty much the same height, to clean up paragraph setting with no or minimal leading.

She opened up the loop of /p, whereas my philosophy was to not worry, again targeting longer text settings where various thickening of stems occurs.

I also like the way she has differentiated the counters of the capitals from those of the lower case, and harmonized the proportions of the capitals with one another.

The nuances are tuned to the particular letter sequence in the wordmark, which doesn’t happen in a typeface.

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A bit less lively and individual, overall. The h is less cramped, but less interesting. And I prefer the original M, it was more easy-going, less school-like. I do like the way the loops have been opened up, though. But now it’s ambivalent: is it one word with an intercap or two words? The obvious question is: Was it necessary? I don’t see the point, myself.

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>Pay peanuts... :-)
>Logo revision by Jessica Hische

Okay I take back the peanuts comment. ;-)

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I can't unsee Mail Chinys.

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