Stencil Serif Type for Boat Barn Sign

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I'm developing some custom type to be used on a sign adorning the boat barn my father is building. A stencil serif was requested and this is what I've come up with. It needs some cleaning up, as I drew it with the AI Blob Brush tool, but I'd be curious what others see regarding proportions and overall aesthetics. Once I'm happy with the type I'll manipulate it into a cohesive design around a half-hull model of the boat being built, which will live in the barn during the off-season.

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I like the story, and I like the design :) Having said that:

- The Serifs could be little wider. Not thicker, but wider. Especially at the bottom of T, and in I this is clearly visible.
- Copy the bottom of E to L. And my suggestion would be, also (rotated) to the left top of T. The right top of T then would need to be adjusted accordingly (the serif doesn't have to have the same direction, but the same thickness and length), which would then need to be copied to the top of E.
- R is too Dark. I think you should make the bottom of the inside of the bowl a bit more horizontal.
- N is too wide and too light. Make the thin strokes slightly thicker, and consider a different approach for the bottom right: cut if off vertically, rather than horizontally.
- Copy the top right serif in S to G. The one in G is too meaty.
- The sudden blackletter-like style in B is a bit odd. I'd say give it a flat bottom.
- A is too wide. I like the serifless right leg though.
- W is also really nice.
- The white space in the top half of K is too large compared to the bottom. Main cause of this is the weird serif construction on the top right. Try if you can keep the weirdness, but fix the colour.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback, your suggestions are definitely helpful. Will post some revisions soon!

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Finally had time to work on this, revisions below! I'm kind of into the funky B, since there are some other non-orthodox things going on in the other glyphs.

Can we no longer add more attachments to the original post? In any case, here's an updated PDF:

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I love the overall feel here, but I think I liked the top terminal of the G better in the original post; it feels a bit light on the top now. Perhaps if you kept the original terminal and broke the stroke at the top…

I agree with the comment re: the heaviness of the R, but now the leg feels a bit too flared, along with the K.

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Thanks for your feedback, altmannhaus! Feeling like this is pretty solid now. :-)

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