Genie font... any ideas

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Hi, does anyone have any idea what font the attached is? Even if you know something thats very similar to the "g" and "e". The "g" is perfect for what I require. Many thanks in advance.

genie-2.png16.5 KB
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Looks custom to me and /g totally made from scratch but could be wrong. For "enie", you could start with some geometric sans like Avant-Garde Gothic Bold and cut crossbars. I don't know how to reproduce this /g (which looks terrible for me) and I don't know any font that could fit it unfortunately. The best way would probably be to entirely draw it. You could start for instance with Avant-Garde Gothic /o and add it a custom leg of your own. An easy alternative would be Kabel.

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Cheers Ryuk. Kabel looks very close and I will give that a go with some adjustments. Nice work.

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that g is making me twitch.

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Looks like an awkward crescent moon.

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