Suggestions for a typeface or font for an ad on Acupuncture today

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a display, headline and/or body text typeface(s) or font(s) to use to for a web ad to advertise a business on Acupuncture Today online:

It's an ad to incentivize Acupuncturists to click on it for a free marketing session. I'm looking for faces that are bold and or interesting enough that they get attention but not so much that they stick out like a sore thumb or look obnoxious on what is a fairly relaxed feeling website. Anything that has a an Asian flair, and or sense of growth (Grow may be one of the words in the ad) or healing would be great as well. They also have to be readable at a very small size because the ad is 125 px x 125 px.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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What about Agilita Thin Dot? Available from Linotype/Monotype.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks for the suggestion

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