Apple Myriad Font Branding

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I am trying to replicate the 'iOS 7' title text for a project I am working on and I noticed that the version of Myriad/Myriad Set that is used is thinner than even Myriad Light, which is the thinnest version available commercially. Has this been made thinner by Apple's design team and if so, how can fonts be made thinner? I have added a sample below for reference.


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Fonts can be lightened in font production applications, although it is easier IMO to make very light weights by drawing a skeletal path and thickening it by stroking or parallel pathing.

In apps like InDesign, type can be thinned by applying a very fine outline in the background colour.

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Myriad Apple is a custom-tweaked version of Myriad with slightly different weights and spacing.

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