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I am seeking advice for a font to be used for a corporate identity package, for a food hall based in London, UK.
The customer would like to portray high perceived value, and should have mass market appeal.

The project is based upon an underlying narrative of, new life being breathed into a "tired, archaic " building. It really tells a story of the juxtaposition of New and Old....a repurposing with a new concept.

The project is a redevelopment of a 500,000 sqft building, built circa 1862. The repurposing of the space will include a 45,000 sqft food hall, that will provide Artisan quality foods offered by business operators with an operational history, generations deep.

I know that Goudy Old Style has its fair share of opinions, but there are certain elements that I do like about this font set
Primarily, it's soft rounded serifs . I'd really like to hear your opinions and advice, for alternative fonts that I might try to illustrate the points mentioned above.

Thanks for your time,

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As far as i recall Goudy Old Style is already taken by some big British warehouse (or defintely was, though i do not exactly remember which one it was), therefore i would not recommend using this typeface. There are lots of other Antique styled typefaces with soft rounded serifs. Look at all the different Garamonds, for example.
Between old & new maybe something in the direction of a typeface without serifs would do the job also pretty well. The roundness can be found in its italic.

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Thanks for the great feedback J Weltin. I will scour the Garamond Family.

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Given the history and artisanal aspects, Garamond Premier might be a good Garamond for the purpose.

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The notion of "Britishness craftmanship", implied in Jeremy's request, brings to mind the work of Eric Gill: excluding the overused Gill Sans, perhaps one should try to have a look at some of his serif typefaces - Joanna, Perpetua, Golden Cockerel or Aries.

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Some of Fred Goudy's other faces might do you, and may be slightly less ubiquitous. Kennerley, Deepdene, or Californian, for example.

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