alternative to and pairing for H&F Landmark?

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I'm designing an annual research report into wealth generation and thinking for a premium estate agency. I specified Hoefler and Freres Landmark because of it heritage (New York building signage circa 1950). Just wondered if anyone could suggest anything similar?

Also I need a body copy font to pair with it - currently using Swift but can anyone suggest something else? It's targeted towards high net worth individuals and is reporting on how, where and on what they spend their wealth (millions) and is used for marketing the high end property practice.

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$99 for the 4 styles is not expensive. Buy it :)

As alternatives... mmm... maybe UMBRA/TEMPO or Gill Sans Shadowed and Light Shadowed

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Darrenn, a type in the same vein of Landmark - but with a wider range of styles, glyphs, weights - could be Neutraface, which could also work as body copy:

By the way, House Ind. also licenses a family named "Luxury"...

As for the body copy, if you're after a serif, you could try to keep a link to the modernist cultural heritage of the XX century by using something related to Century - like FB's Bureau Roman or Benton Modern, both available on request:

... if those don't look too "traditional".

A couple of more "contemporary" alternatives:

- Matthew Carter's Fenway;
- Christian Schwartz's Publico Text.

Hope this helps.

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