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SPOILER ALERT - Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes.

If any of you are fans of Mad Men (the show about ad agencies in the late 1960s), you might enjoy this analysis of the logo for the new agency formed by the merger, Sterling Cooper & Partners. It includes a copy of Peggy Olson's press release.

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Too busy, font overkill.
The silly little ampersand is getting crushed.
But perhaps that fits the agency.
Not a Mad Men watcher, so I wouldn’t know.

While none of the type is anachronistic in the sense of being designed after the supposed date, the Eurostile is a bit passé. The Ogilvy & Mather-ish ampersand is an afterthought, at odds with the reductive quality of the Futura Black/Albers stencil style. Sure, stencils are hip now, but did the designer think that people wouldn't get the 60s thing without the ampersand and the still-techy Eurostile?

From 1968:

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The silly little ampersand is getting crushed.

Yes, he is.

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Don's not doing too well either.

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