My troubles with FontExplorer Pro

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I've been using FontExplorer for a good while. By far it has been my favorite management software to use, though the better part of its' usage has been on Mac.

Until recently I purchased the software to use it in my Windows environment and has been wonderful, until now. I have a family of fonts that I wish to use but when I resume to activate them I have this message: You are trying to activate a font which has the same criteria as a font that is already activated....

I'm at a lost because I'm pretty sure the fonts are named differently, even don't look the same in preview. Has anyone else ran into this problem or have a solution? This has become a real pain to deal with not being able to use the type. I would greatly appreciate any solutions.

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Whether fonts looks the same is irrelevant to the font activation mechanism of Windows. If the full font name is equal, the fonts are considered identical and Windows won't let you install both at the same time. Of course it can be done manually (add both to the font related part of Windows Registry and reboot will do the trick), but that is not recommended. Actually our font manager will classify it as an error that should be fixed.

On the other hand font selection usually doesn't care about the full font name, but that's another story.

The solution is to uninstall the font(s) that have the same full font name. You can do this with any decent font manager. Of course you can also go to Windows fonts folder, and delete the font(s).

Another less common solution is to rename the font names (not the file names), if the license permits it.

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OK, I'll try some of those options & see if they work.

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I have been trying FontExplorer for Windows and it's performing terribly. Laggy and it crashes every 5 minutes for no apparent reason. Today it started affecting Illustrator's performance-- sometimes Illustrator won't load at all. What would be causing this? It's making me not want to use FontExplorer any more, even though I loved it when I had an Apple.

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