Jeremy Tankard's Type Book One Review

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I have that book, having picked it up on a whim when I was in London recently. It's real cute! It makes me want to buy and use the Shire Types pretty bad!

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Quite apart from the nice showings of Jeremy's types, the book is worth getting for Catherine Dixon's essay on the history of type specimens. I like very much the idea of using a type specimen book as a vehicle for such an essay, rather than just a marketing piece. Inspiring.

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Tankard's web site doesn't say how to get the specimen book. Does anyone know?

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William there are links in the Review maybe one of them will lead you to a purchase site.

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The link is to Tankard's site, which does not have information that I can see, including in the newsletter that mentions the printing of the specimen book.

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I've also been pulling my hair out trying to get a copy. I sent an e-mail to Tankard's site a little while back requesting information on where/how to purchase the book, but never received a response.

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Just got a group e-mail from Tankard saying he had been away and hadn't anticipated the review and the interest it stirred.

The book will be included with all online/direct sales and otherwise will be 7.95 pounds sterling.

He will e-mail a PDF orderform to those interested.

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Received my copy in the mail today. Some super nice stuff inside. Have not got a chance to read the essay yet.

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Ditto here! :-(

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