New Release: Bree Serif

In 2008 TypeTogether released the Bree typeface, a sleek sans serif that quickly became a favorite among brand and editorial designers.

Bree Serif follows the same theme as its predecessor. It is a young and energetic upright italic that approaches readers with hip and somewhat elegant charm. It has a range of styles that can perform as counterparts to the original Bree fonts. At the same time though they bring a whole range of new and individual features that make Bree Serif a separate type family in its own right.

The characters in Bree Serif maintain the original flavour of handwriting, but have a more subtle appearance to support optimal editorial usage. The slabby nature of its shapes, particularly in the heavier weights, makes for a strong impression.

Some of the characteristic features of its sans serif cousin are present in Bree Serif too, such as the single-story ‘a’, the cursive ‘e’ and the rhythmical ‘k’ and ‘y’. Alternate letters of these are also available when a more neutral look is desired.

Bree Serif offers a mixture of fluid and attractive forms that convey a contemporary and vivid aspect. If you loved the multi- award wining Bree, you will surely love its seriffed cousin!

Designed by José Scaglione and Veronika Burian.

More information: Bree Serif

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