im interested in expanding my knowledge of fonts

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let me first say, i'm very appreciative to this community on typophile for identifying fonts for me.

i'm interested in expanding my knowledge of fonts. The way i discover
fonts is very random. I'm sure i'm overlooking all kinds of great fonts.
I tend to see fonts on various types of media on the internet,
then i come here to identify them, then buy it if i like it.
There must be a better way for me to discover fonts.

Its difficult for me to find fonts through seemingly endless
archives of fonts on sites like myfonts.

Are there any resources that provide font lists that are combed through by
typographers and graphic designers or compilations of great fonts shown in context on print and web?
That way, i can look through content that i'm more likely to like and skip over the junk.
I don't know if any resource like this exist, but i thought id ask.

Also, id love to have recommendations for books or other resources about the history of fonts.
Something that covers all the important font releases that were impactful in graphic design history.
Forgive me for not googling any of this, but i figured id get the best information by asking the community here.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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There are some books that might be what you want.

Anatomy of a Typeface, by Alexander Lawson
Types of Typefaces, by J. Ben Liebermann

But these deal in classic faces, and you may want something more contemporary or more oriented to display faces.

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Hi Quadibloc,

thanks for your input. I'll look into those books.
I'm interested in classic faces as well as contemporary.

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Look through hand-picked lists* and things like .

* Like this:


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Hey grant,
thanks for your help. I'll check that out.

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I guess i'm really just looking for the right resources to educate myself
in typography as well as i can having not gone to school for it.

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I wasn't able to remember the names of some other books I wanted to suggest; one of them was:

An Atlas of Typeforms

it was recently reprinted, but the reprint got remaindered, so it is easily available at reasonable prices.

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