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Hi typopohile!

I am working on a display block typeface that I started because I believe that no block-display type exists with full functionality. For example baby teeth, the letters are great but the numbers arent so good, like the 7, in my opinion of course.

Seeing this I decided to propose a new system where I though it would be a good idea to make it mono-spaced, so it blocks even more, however it doesnt work with the Hebrew and Cyrillic alphabets.

The pdf that is attached shows what i have so far.

combo.pdf426.22 KB
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6 and 9 need work - 6 close to L

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I'm pretty sure Ж is insufficiently disambiguated from X.

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The overall look is nice! :-) I don't have time to go over it carefully as yet, but expect something later.

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I like where you're going with it, quirky, a little art deco. I agree with the other comments.

On the Hebrew: I think it is very angular and much less bold compared to the Latin and Cyrillic. You could try to be more elaborate with the shapes I think. I have no idea how readable this is, but I had toyed with the idea of Hebrew letter shapes like this a year or two ago.

Here's an old sketch I did. You probably want to make sure to keep it heavy like the other scripts and also make sure you can read the letters. (My example my be a bit exaggerated here...)

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I also agree with the other comments!
I really struggle with the white space in hebrew letters. Its really hard to get them into a system+make them readable.
Also I coudnt find any reference, do you know any?

Thanks for your sketch :)
Now that i see yours, I realise what is missing in my type. It really need some more thinking.

Thank you again Bryan, you are really supportive!

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Seriously ambitious! Good going.


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Thank you!
You just rise my mood to continue working on this project!

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I don't have much... But here's what was lying around in my hard drive.

I can't remember where this image came from. The filename of the image is "Aleph Isotype75", if that's a hint...

I believe this is student work from a University class that Oded Ezer taught.

With a little searching, I was able to find these:

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You have given me so many references, I cant even began to tell you how much I appreciate it!
You have really given me so much inspiration to complete this project, so thank you very much for everything :)

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