Typefaces with long Q stems

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Hi, for an art-related assignment I'm looking for a typeface with a long, distinctive Q stem in uppercase. Preferibly garalde/baroque, I'm thinking in MVB Verdigris but wouldn't like to miss a good unknown one...
Thank you very much

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I've always loved the italic in Adobe Caslon or Janson

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Thanks Michael and Nick, Memoriam is great, but i think i need some less script…

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As I recall, EB Garamond 12 has several versions of 'Q', including a long-tailed one.

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Still in progress (http://typophile.com/node/100527), but here's a small bit anyway:


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Thank you very much, going to have a look on EB Garamond right now, and Benedictine looks really interesting, I'll keep track of its development…

Best regards

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