Common Chinese Fonts

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Anyone know what the Chinese equivalent of Times New Roman or Arial would be?

Normally when I design, I copy and paste content from my client's ms word doc that they typed on their PC into my design projects on my mac. Or, I flow it in. This works perfect.

Now, I need to copy content that is traditional Chinese typed on PCs and paste it into my projects (inDesign or ms word) on my mac. I do not speak or read Chinese.

I have lots of adobe and other fonts, but I believe I need the Chinese equivalent of Times New Roman or Arial that would be come standard on PCs sold to Chinese people.

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In theory your OS and apps should ship with fonts to cover these requirements. Are you encountering problems when you paste the text?

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The OS comes with fonts; the problem is to choose. For the fonts on the Mac, here is a list on Yales' site

The extesions TC means traditional Chinese and so I guess that Heiti TC would be suitable (I am no expert). I also understand from the list of characters sets that Big-5 corresponds to Traditional Chineses and thus LiHei 儷黑 Pro and LiSong 儷宋 Pro as well as Apple LiGothic, Apple LiSung, and BiauKai should fit the bill but I would double check.

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Here is what I found in the mac fallback file DefaultFontFallbacks.plist (comments from 10.6 and 10.7; the 10.8 file is a binary):

sans-serif: "for Traditional Chinese, use STHeiti TC"
serif: "for Traditional Chinese, use LiSong Pro"
cursive: "for Traditional Chinese, use BiauKai"

Those appear to be the default choices when Traditional Chinese is put before Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese in the System Preferences, Language & Text (I checked in Safari and TextEdit)

There is also another file, NSFontFallbacks.plist, with the following entries (PostScript names) for Traditional Chinese:

sans-serif: LiHeiPro
serif: LiSongPro

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