First font purchase - Cern &Cern Display

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I'll be short: Cern & Cern Display are my choice. I may buy Vaud & Vaud Display as well. Price: The entire Cern family (40 weights) is available for $49 for a limited time. (same price for 40 weights of Vaud family). I intend to buy them instead of Helvetica Neue (just need something helvetica-ish, neutral, familiar, relatively modern looking, a bit unusual, rare etc. for personal use and some occasional website design).


or here:

I thing they're excellent value for money. Any thoughts?

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Yes, I think they do seem to represent a great value relative to their pricing. The spacing looks very good.

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If you are looking at a Helvetica Neue replacement, have a look at Substance as well. It has more functions, better weight coverage, smallcaps... And is cheaper, seeing as the Disply weights in Vaud and Cern are almost the same as the regulars.

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Careful: I purchased Vaud and there wasn't any kerning – quite unfortunate. Cern seems to have it, though, at least judging from the previews on MyFonts.
Substance is great – definitely a nice alternative to Helvetica Neue.

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An update to Vaud is available from all distributors who carry it. All spacing and kerning issues fixed up.

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I don't recommend Cern. I just bought it and was excited for it... but the kerning is off.. especially italics.

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