Squared sans serif

This squared sans serif has me stumped!

Its from the booklets packaged with Deutsche Grammophon's DVD presentation of Robert Lepage's Wagner Ring at the Metropolitan Opera in 2011-12.
Among the blind alleys I followed were: fonts with a sans+squarish tag at MyFonts, http://typophile.com/search/node/squared%20sans, and a fascinating discussion of The Mystery of Steile Futura http://typophile.com/node/18227.
So what am I missing?

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looks like some sort of takeoff of Horizon (or vice-versa)

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Thanks. Interesting. Horizon is a sans squared bold weight with a somewhat similar discordant effect to "DG Ring" but is otherwise different. Particularly in Horizon's use of angled cross strokes.
I opened Horizon in Fontlab and changed some of the cross stokes to horizontal and the result was pretty similar to "DG Ring."
I wonder if the Bitsteam staff designers who created Horizon in 1992 also created "DG Ring"? Or did the DG designers edit Horizon?
Anyway, I wonder if the horizontal cross stroke version has been seen anywhere other than DG material, and if there is a name for it.

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not able to quickly locate any sample of DG Ring. there is a "freebie" that matches your sample but I was a bit afraid to reference it. kinda figured maybe it was a ripoff of the above. if you're familiar with the ship Sulu commanded you can find it.

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That seems to be it.
I share your concern about rip off issues.
Don't know how DG acquired rights to whatever they used, or whether "DG Ring" was this "freebie"or something else. But, then again, I know a lot more about the design than I did four hours ago.


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BTW, we can't use the "freebie" font for anything. I resized it to match the scale of an old t1 version of BT's Horizon and it is an exact point for point match except for the horizontal cross strokes.
Again, defiantone, thanks for the top quality investigative work.

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I guess I'm a little late coming to this party, but I think the font which has been used for DG "The Twilight of the Gods" is in fact - Excelsior Sans.
Grab a copy from here:
Please be aware that this font is seriously lacking in the glyph and diacritical department - see attached example - no umlaut available, but should be no problem to anyone with access to font chopping software.
Warp factor 6, Mr Sulu. Mmm... maybe not!
Hope this helps anyone else looking for this in future.
Check sample below.

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