Magazine Cover - Which fonts?!

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Can someone tell me what typeface has been used in the HEADER? I think the 'O' might not be part of the typeface

Also, can you tell me what the others typfaces are? For instance the big yellow sub-headers?

The small type looks almost like Calibri or something. But the 's' is different. And the 's' ad 'c' are different from Arial.

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"iFORM" looks like a customized ITC Kabel Bold (or Demi Bold). The /O & /i's dot look customized.

"SUND & SLANK" and "TRIATLON" must be The Sans (Black) by Luc[as] de Groot (LucasFonts, 1994)

I found them using "Find my Font":

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Thanks a lot Fvil. Again. You da man.

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