Looking for an old style font with real small caps!

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Hi guys, hope I am in the right part of the forum to ask this question.

I am looking for a nice old style font face that has a real small caps font and is also available somewhere with an app license for smartphones. The actual font I wanted to use was "Minion Pro", but Adobe doesn`t provide app licensing for their fonts yet : (

As an alternative I found "Sabon" via myfont.com, but still wanted to ask you guys what you have been using and how it worked out with the licensing for you.

Thanks in advance : )

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EB Garamond?

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Thank you, that`s exactly what i been looking for, great project! : )

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We offer app licenses for our entire catalogue, including Satyr. I would be interested to hear what you think of the licensing scheme.

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Satyr rules [the forest].


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