To modify or to not modify?

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I'm about to buy the Plume Advertising font from Dalton Maag for a project. It is just a slab serif as voluptuous and playful as I need, but I'm with a little doubt.

Considering the specific composition of words below, what do you people think is the best version of "R"? The upper version is the original one, and below is the one I effed up with.

I just can't come to a conclusion on which version better balances the quirky details and the color (disconsidering the shitty kerning used here). Isn't "ALEGRE" looking to much excentric in comparison to "PORTO" in my version?

Hope you can help me! :)

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Your “eff up” doesn’t make sense.
If you feel that ALEGRE is too dense in comparison to PORTO, perhaps take the serif off “G” and shorten its right stem a bit? You might also try moving the leg of “R” (or the whole right side) a little to the right, if the tight counter is an issue.

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I might try that.
Thanks for the tips!

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