Las Vegas theme

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Any ideas for headline fonts that suggest Las Vegas?

A client is having a conference there and I'm preparing materials for a party event, so flamboyant or even tacky is okay (but more subtle looks are fine too as long as they suggest the city). Thanks.

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There's this subtly named collection from House Industries:

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Thanks for the suggestions.

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so flamboyant or even tacky is okay

Right up my alley!

I'd do up something in some design software, but if you want something ready made you could go with a neon-esque font...

Or, how about something triline...

...something inline...

Prismatic would be fun.

What pt sizes are you using? Vegas is a dynamic town!!!

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Odd we didn't make an appearance on your request -

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You’ll have to do better with Google, Stuart—“Las Vegas Font” pulls up various freebies and House Industries, but no Font Diner (at least, not on the first page).

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New site should fix it :D

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Thanks for the additional suggestions!

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Lamplighter and Leisure are awesome!

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