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Hello there guys, i'm really wanting to purchase Doyald Young's books, but they aren't the easiest to find, especially in Europe. I found this website, and they have the boxed set for sale: http://www.doyaldyoung.com/DYC01.html

However, there is zero contact information on the site, and i'm a little wary spending $300 when I don't even know if i'll get the item, I don't see the boxed set for sale anywhere else like Amazon. For this type of purchase I would want to track it and insure it, but there are no options for that.

Does anyone know if the site is legit? Or if there is anywhere else I can buy the boxed set?



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I found two of the books on ebay. All three of the books (not as a set) can be found at various booksellers on abe.com (owned by Amazon). You could save a few dollars, especially on shipping, by buying the individual books on abe.com.

Also on abe.com is one listing for the boxed set, but it is $350.00. If you contact the bookseller and point out that the retail price is only $300.00 new they might match it, and you might save on shipping.

On both sites I used the keyword search term "Doyald Young". FWIW, I think the site you mentioned is legitimate.


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I've bought books from that site. However, that was before Doyald Young passed away.

Not sure how it works now, but it is a legitimate site.

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[to follow]

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First stop is always: bookfinder.com


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Thank you guys, big help. :)

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Doyald used to sell his books directly. It was kind of nice and more personal. We all miss him.

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Yea, I only recently found out about him, he seemed like such a nice guy. I would have loved to have met him.

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He was indeed as nice as he was talented and skilled.


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What that guy could do with a pencil was unreal.

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