Applewine (Copperplate Gothic inspired)

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Hello everyone. I've been really hunkering down and designing some of my first typefaces. I got tired of seeing Copperplate Gothic everywhere, but I also got inspired by it. I was hoping to get some honest feedback about the overall design, especially the lowercase and numerals.

I've attached some samples here, but you can check out everything over here.

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An august and worthwhile creation.

Stems of |b| and |d| are light on the ascender as compared to inside the bowl. |p| and |q| succeed with the reverse so you may want to just copy and paste from them.
Terminal of |e| is too prominent and pinches it closed; I'd trim off the inner serif (as you have done with |5|).
Consider making the crossbar of |t| upturned instead of downturned.
|2| is unbalanced and small on top.
|3| is kind of a mess of shape and stroke weight.

Keep at it, I think people are going to want this.

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Thanks for your help, Kevin.

• The stems on the |b| and |d| were thin compared to the rest of the verticals. Fixed.
• Agreed on the |e|. The terminal has been chopped and now looks more open.
• The |2| and the |3| have been reworked. Looking at the |3|, I suspect the center needs more weight.
• I'm on the fence about the crossbar fo the |t|, but I switched it to see what it looks like. I like it down, but it doesn't appear to visually 'sag' anymore.

I've been getting some inquiries about if this typeface was for sale, and I thought I'd get it into the best shape before making it available to the public. Thanks again for your help.

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This is really a nice typeface.

The crossbars of both the "f" and "t" bother me, I think they usually go the other way where the curve or slope are on the top of the letter rather than the bottom.

The down stroke of the "k" is too thin, it should be the same thickness as the stem.

The "3" does have an odd design to it, but I really like it.

The new "2" is really nice.

The "g" "p" "q" and "P" seem too wide, they slow my eyes down when I'm reading it.

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Thanks for the suggestions and support, Michael. I've made some of the changes you suggested. I think things with the |P| will iron themselves out a bit when the spacing gets more refined.

I've also got a sampling of other some punctuation, currency marks, and diacritics. I'll be a bit busy for the next few weeks, so apologizes if I don't get back to things for a minute.

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I'm sorry Derek, I didn't express myself well. What I meant about the "f" and "t" where that the cross bar is not usually serifed. Look at how Palatino does it.

I had an image but typophile isn't loading it for some reason so this is the best I can do for now.

Palatino "f"
Palatino "t"

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I think it's is really not bad at all. I am personally not such a big fan of the font itself, but you managed to give it a personal "flavor".

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