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Hi guys! I'm new here and need some answers. i'm in the final semestre of my design course, and I'm doing the final graphic project. For my project, I must develop a new fashion brand and for this brand I need make a visual identity. Well, to do this visual identity I'm thinking use the font Swiss 721 family. That's my question...would be Swiss 721 family a good font for impression and graphics stuffs?? And if someone can tell me something about Swiss 721 history, designer, criation.... Thanks for now...


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Swiss 721 is as the name more or less states a copy of Helvetica. Bitstream published it after not getting a license for the original. So why do you not use Helvetica?

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Swiss 721 is a very clear face that will be excellent for an identity system that calls for something as clean and legible as possible while having more font variations than Helvetica. As far as history goes, to the best of my knowledge it is a basic variation of Helvetica (very similar to Helvetica Neue) created by Bitstream sometime in the last 30 years.

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Avoid Helvetica and its clones like the plague.


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Hrant, look after yourself by wishing a thing like that. Before you know you are using only Helvetica like Neville Brody did after his wild years at The Face.

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@kamillequadro: Welcome to Typophile! Regarding history &c, there are several links and information on the 1st page of results if you Google “Swiss 721 font.” Be wary of pirate versions however. I came across several also on the 1st page of results. Be mindful not post links to them them as posting links to pirate fonts is against Typophile’s posting guidelines.

Where do you study?

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@Chris -- "Swill 721 font"? Freudian slip?

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“…Swill 721…”

Ha! Nice catch. Not intentional at all. Consider it edited.

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If you lay Swiss 721 on top of Helvetica and compare outlines - except for a slightly different arc in the leg in the 'R' there is no virtually difference whatsoever. I think the figures may be slightly taller or shorter.

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Swiss 721 has more logical weight/width distibution compared to the original Helvetica. This makes it more useful for starters...

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