ID this blackletter

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Can someone please help me ID this black letter? I have found similar but can't seem to find what this one is exactly.

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This original version of this design was drawn by Will F. Bradley for the cover of 1894 Christmas issue of the Inland Printer. He licensed the design to American Type Founders, where Herman Ihlenburg designed and cut the font. ATF introduced "The Bradley Series" in 1895. Variations and imitations were soon on the market.
There are seversl digital versions.
The oldest is in the CD included with the Dover Dan X. Solo publication
24 Celtic and Medieval Display Fonts (book and CD-ROM).
Another Bradley, was published by ProFonts in 2009.
Other names were also used for Bradley, including Venetian Text as shown in Charles Jacobi's Some Notes on Books and Printing, 1903, Ihlenberg, and Abbey Text.

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Also a version by Nick Curtis: Fyne Fish.
I have edited this post to delete a reference to a free font which I now suspect to be a copy of a commercial font.

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