Which Futura?

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First Bodoni, then Didot, now Futura. Who do you think has the best cut of Futura? Who has the best price? Who has the best cut for the price? Who has the best price for the cut?


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at typebox, joachim and mike recently started using the term cuts

: 16 styles, 41 cuts :


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The Adobe version is my least favorite. It was one of their
earliest releases and you can kinda tell.

The Bitstream version is pretty good, especially for text.
There is also the new one from Neufville Digital which looks
very good and has lots of extras like small caps and old
style numerals. Also, it has CE, Turkish and Baltic language

One thing that I miss from the pre-digital days are the
display cuts of Futura. All the available digital versions
seem to be based on the text sizes (except, I remember
Image Club did display versions, I don't know if those are
still available). The text cuts--even good ones--look a bit
clumsy at display sizes.

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Neufville's, definitely.


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> On the Neufville tip.

The good news for Apple lovers is that the version of Futura included with Mac OS X is the Neufville cut. If however you need the SC, OSF or a full set of weights, you'll have to lay down some cash as only the "inexpert" sets in four weights are included.

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I've always been partial to the Futura I have from URW. Lots of weights, very nice "cut". They also have Futura 2, which as far as I can tell mimics some of the "Spartan" types.

FWIW, I think that URW's Helvetica under the "Nimbus Sans" moniker is the best Helvetica around.

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I do realize that using the term "cut" is incorrect as I'm asking about digital type and not metal.

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Thank you BJ -- :-) -- I feel vindicated.

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Ok. So I know Futura isn't a favorite. Sorry about that. On the Neufville tip. Does anyone know who has the best price on it? It's a pricey little sucker innit? :-)

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Thanks for the info Aaron. I am an apple lover and did not know this. :D

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I'm partial the face Renner - from the Foundry in England. Mostly because it has some of Renner's alternate forms. I've never found them that useful, but they're fun to have none-the-less :-)

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