Avantgarde font question

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Disclaimer: I am not a graphic designer
I wish to use the avantgarde font with all its beautiful kerns and ligatures on a poster. It is the perfect font for the theme. Only one problem, I can not figure out a way for an "s" to precede an "a". I have not seen that combination in any of the alternatives created nor seen an S before an a in print. Any thoughts?

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It depends on what comes after the /A/… If I remember correctly there are 3 shapes for the A - a symmetrical on (more or less what is usual in a sans) and two a-symmetricals, one with a straight vertical on the left and one with a vertical on the right side. So, of there is a /T/ after the /A/, I would the 'left straight' /A/ and track the /T/. But with an /S/ for instance, I would use the classic /A/. You get the drift, I hope.

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