(x) 1940-1950-font - Trafton {Kent, Yves}

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I think that this exemple is handdrawn, but does anyone know of any font?


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Nope, that's actually type, and quite beautiful indeed. I've got absolutely no time right now, so I want to apologize for my lack of input on this one.

It's all yours, guys!

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I can't find it anywhere on MyFonts, and unfortunately I don't have time to look further. However, I found something fairly close, at least along the lines of its elegance and low x-height: Coronet. URW's version is a little heavier than Red Rooster's light version, though RR has a heavier weight, too.

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Thanks, just what I was looking for! :-)

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The actual type used for the Brunnby Fotbollf

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Trafton Script is included in Dan X. Solo and Dover's 24 Script and Cursive Display Fonts. You can find more info through the recent post about Dan X. Solo on Typographi.ca.

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Thanks guys!

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Another possibility is Berthold's Caprice:


Hard to tell from the lousy previews on the site, though.

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