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I added this to my bookmarks bar

could be more about typography ... but fun nonetheless.

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>"He designed such typefaces as Avant Garde Gothic and Caslon"

That could be be debated, however.

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He didn't design Avant Garde Gothic and Caslon?

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Sorry, this is completely off-topic, but did anyone pick up on the link to the professional retoucher?

Go look at the portfolio. It shows you before and after versions of stuff he's worked on ...



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> He didn't design Avant Garde Gothic and Caslon?

It's misleading the way they put it. He designed ITC Avant Garde Gothic Condensed and ITC Caslon 224.

Kind of strange to choose those two since they are not the faces that made him famous as a type designer.

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What a great site, thanks bj.

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And what two font choices would you say made him famous as a type designer?

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ITC Souvenir and ITC Tiffany. Other candidates would be ITC Bookman, ITC Korinna, and ITC Benguiat. He did lots of faces for ITC, but those would be among the most popular (though some of them aren't so popular any more).

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A nice collection of movie posters here ...

link from k10k

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BJ thanks for hooking us up with this link. I added it to my Newsfire that same day and promptly wasted too much time reading that night.

Today's news is about "Master Typographer" Ed Benguiat. Who can argue with that statement?!

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Aha. True, true. Maybe they need a fact checker.

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