Problem visualizing and printing thin font

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I'm designing a font family of nine weights and when I try it on MS Word here comes the problem. I know MS Word isn't the best typographic program but there are some people that use it and deserve quality on fonts.
The problem happen only in the thinnest style and consist in the following:

As you can see in small sizes the MS Word expand the character shapes and the real proportions aren't showed.

If anybody can help me I apreciate it very much.

Thank you in advance,


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Notice: The font works fine in Illustrator, Corel Draw...!

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Did you hint your fonts? What program did you build the font in?

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I use FontLab, and I run autohint. But if the problem is the hinting why the font works fine in the other programs?

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Make sure the weight value is not lower than 250 (first panel in FontLab’s Font Info dialog if that’s what you’re using).

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Mark, I'll try this.

Thank you

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It works!

You are the boss Mark! Many thanks.

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Windows automatically adds fake bold to any font with a weight value less than 250, apparently to prevent… oh, who cares. That’s just what it does, making values below 250 useless. Graphics apps tend to use their own font rendering system, so are not affected.

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Mark, good to know! Thanks.


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There are also several font style plugins to use and they are perfect for printing. This site uses several MS Word font style than any other editing platform.

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