Arrogant, Audacious, feminine lettering

Looking for a headline typeface for a fashion brand (ladies clothing) for adverts, website slides etc.
The brand is edgy and experimental and needs something different to the usual didone and sans serif styles.

I'm thinking something like Rihanna's style:

I'd love to get some lettering commissioned but unfortunately can't do that so hoping someone knows of a decent font like this, preferably with a few alternates so it looks more hand done.

If anyone has any ideas for something like this, or any other ideas for a typeface.
Has to be edgy and Audacious!


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But those are not feminine.

Is this
too formal?


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I take your point there certainly not over feminine, although I think certain letterforms give it a feminine feel.

I love your suggestion. Definitely has the right personality
It is formal and will require a lot of breathing space (I think) to work but I'll definitely try it out.


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