French type design of the 20th century

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I'm looking for information about French type design during the 20th century.
Type designers, foundries, released fonts, etc.
I found loads of information about Germany and England on Google, but France never shows up.

Can someone here point me in the right direction ?


BTW : Am I in the right forum section ?

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A short and [over-]simple history: In the first half of the 20th century French type was dominated by Deberny & Peignot (with Charles Peignot shifting the foundry from text type to display type). After WWII the Olive foundry became big, thanks in large part to Roger Excoffon's graphic bravado.* After that there was a dark ages of sorts, although there were some French individuals designing great type (like Ladislas Mandel and José Mendoza y Almeida - perhaps telling not native Frenchmen however). In the digital age the champion of French type design has been Jean François Porchez, although we have a number of great rising talents now, such as Christophe Badani.

* Two highly recommended recent books on Excoffon: (translated by yours truly :-)


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Thank you very much for your valuable input
This book about Roger Excoffon looks great !


BTW, I believe that Jean François Porchez and Christophe Badani can be considered as 21st century designers.

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