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As ATypI members among you might know, I have a decades-long interest in the work of the Dutch 1950s graphic designer & artist Henk Krijger. Two years ago I made an ATypI presentation on his Raffia Initials and showed about half a dozen uses of the typeface, mostly on books he designed. I'm interested in finding additional sightings of the initials, especially in letterpress. Anyone?


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Mr. Enneson,

Greetings. I have digitized Raffia and have used it sparingly in the magazine I art-direct, Rap-Up. I'd love to ask you a few questions about the initials. My email is:
Drop me a line sometime if you have time.
A sample spread:

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For those of you who are interested, I've made a pdf file of my ATypI Vancouver presentation available here. It is 20MB, print and text and image extraction disabled. Please honour the copyright note. Ian tells me his digitization was done in Adobe Illustrator, and being converted to OpenType.

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You mentioned the Raffia Initialen in regard to letterpress. I bought a case(s) of the metal Raffia way back in the early 1980s and never received them. Sort of a bait and switch deal. Even switched out a press on me. Nice guy, just weird about material things. It just so happens that a couple of days ago I discovered that much of the material involved may have recently ended up with a very good friend of mine. I'll check and see if the Raffia was included. If so, maybe I can plead a case. A very remarkable typeface.

Very very nice presentation by the way. Thank you.

The Bieler Press

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Wow, very outstanding work indeed. Also very interesting and nice presentation Peter, I'll read it soon.

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Gerald and Héctor, thanks for the comments.

Gerald, I have only seen letterpress Raffia once. Kay Amert, Director of the Typography Laboratory at the University of Iowa, brought the electrotype sample here to ATypI Vancouver, where I got it scanned and had Jim Rimmer make a letterpress impression on a piece of cardboard stiffener. Presumably the set was bought by Harry Duncan, the first Director, who according to Robert Bringhurst, also admired the initials.

Let me know what you find.

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This thread is over two years old, but I am again on the hunt for examples of the Raffia Initials in use, preferably in letterpress or fine printing. This time it's for an essay request.

Also, I wonder if there is anyone out there who has done historical work on 'cadels' / 'lettres cadeaux’ (see page 60) of the pdf at the link in the 18 febreuary 2006 message above.

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My name is Wouter Krijger and I'm Henk Krijger's grandson. I also am aware that this is a really old thread.

The raffia initials are actually used in J. Vondel's "Lucifer", published by The Rose in Utrecht. If I'm correct the initials were designed especially for this book. Moreover, the illustrations and typography in this book were done by my grandfather.

If you're looking for more information, please contact me on wouter.krijger@gmail.com.

Kind regards,

Wouter Krijger.

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Hello Wouter, and welcome to Typophile! Were you just passing by, or do you have an active interest in typography & the associated belles artes as well?

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Thanks Wouter, I’m so glad you found this thread!

The “Lucifer” use of the Initials figure prominently in the presentation I referred to in the opening post in this thread.

I will contact you via your e-mail address to discuss my interest in and familiarity with your grandfather and his work. I can also provide you with a link to the visuals for my presentation.

Peter Enneson

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