6 Font ID, all sans-serif

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Link to image because it is exceeds the requirements

I've provided two because the information is not identical and I'm hoping the additional letters will be helpful.

I was able to identify the following:
Marie Andersen and Rachelle/Justin - Aller
5 pounds - Lobster

However the rest are a little bit harder to find.

Natasha/Julie appears slightly rounded at the corners.

AUGUST 29th; Oklahoma City, OK; and the length (19 inches/17.75 inches) appear to be the same font with different weights but I am not positive.

The rest of the fonts seem to be all different. In summary, I need help finding the following:
First name:
"loving parents":

Thank you and I hope I was specific enough!

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"2012"/"loving parents": Sansumi

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“Oklahoma City, OK” is Quicksand.

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Thank you both so much! Those are spot on. It seems like a good number of the fonts came from that fontsquirrel so I'm combing through the fonts right now to find more matches.

"ounces" "inches" and "AUGUST 29TH" are also quicksand.

The font used for the time also seems to be a condensed Sansumi.

Natasha and Julia appear to be Bebas Neue

All fonts have been identified.

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