Ladislas Mandel?

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Does anyone have any more information or resources for the work of Ladislas Mandel?

Apart from Luc Devroye's resourceful [|page] and an [,%20Ladislas,%201921-2006%22|online archive] at the Musée de l'Imprimerie, I haven't found anything else.

I have been recommended [|these] [|books] too.

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Bugger, sorry about the formatting.

I'm particularly interested in Mandel's work for phonebooks.

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Also, see “Printer's Type in the Twentieth Century: Manufacturing and Design Methods ” by Richard Southall. I remember the author referring to Mandel's typeface designed for telephone directory in this book.

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An article by Olivier Nineuil on Mandel’s work, « Ladislas Mandel : Explorateur de la typo française », from Étapes graphiques (Nº 10, 1999, pp. 44–64) can be found here. It offers a nice reading list.

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I love Mandel's work. He balanced art and technique so superbly.

I have his "Du pouvoir de l'écriture", and I do recommend it (if you read French) but there's little technical stuff in there - it's mostly cultural. As Sevag says, Richard Southall's book is a better bet; he worked with Mandel on his most significant "lo-fi" type (Colorado) and the last chapter is a highly detailed account of that project.

BTW Mandel's successor of sorts in the realm of phone book type is Piero De Macchi, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at ATypI-Rome in 2002. His Nomina is pretty amazing.

Maxim, I didn't know about that article - what a keeper!


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Maxim, I didn't know about that article - what a keeper!

I used to know Stanislas. I met him and many other Compagnons de Lure in 1997, at their annual get-together in Lure-en-Provence. Ladislas was a sweet man, and a great design professional. Now his Cyrillics is another story in its entirety…

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