Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift - Alter Littera

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For more information or to place an order, please visit alterlittera.com. Thanks in advance for your interest.

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Quite impressive. My only gripe is with the lowercase /k/, which is historically accurate but rather confusing to someone not familiar with this particular rendering of the letter. The font might be more useful to a wider number of potential buyers if there were an alternate /k/ character, structured somewhat along the lines of the /sz/ ligature...IMHO. Otherwise, great stuff.

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Thanks, Nick.
The font includes an alternate /k/ with corresponding ligatures as a stylistic alternate. It can be seen (somewhat hidden) in the fourth line, second word, of the third sample image above. Here's a bigger picture:

I don't know whether I got it right or not (I think I did), but I sure didn't like the modern /k/ in Adobe/Linotype's Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch, with its diagonal leg disrupting the darkness and vertical patterning of the lowercase "textura".

Best wishes.

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Looks great! I also find the alternate {k} very legible and fitting. Great job.

I'm not sure whether it's helpful to the cause of blackletter in this age if you quote Koch's haarsträubende quotation in the marketing materials, though. :P

Is that epic drop-cap {I} also part of the font...?

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Very classy stuff.


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Thanks for the compliments.

I look at Koch's quotation just as a nice piece of interwoven characters. But, as you suggest, it might be wise to replace it with some other more neutral piece of text. And yes, the drop cap /I/ is part of the font.

All the best.

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Really nice work. Very good color overall.
Polished and clean. I love it.

My only comment, I would have liked to have seen the capital(s) slightly taller in appearance.
But, otherwise, just beautiful.

Good luck!

Alex Kaczun

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Something that's been bothering me for a while, though: In your default copy text, {iheronimi} looks like a typo — shouldn't it be {hieronimi}? :P

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The text is taken from the beginning of Gutenberg's Bible (Epistle of St. Jerome):

Maybe it was a typo, or perhaps it was spelled /iheronimi/ in those elder days ... Anyway, thank you for looking so carefully.

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I agree about the Koch quote, it really makes a bad case for Fraktur. Very nice typeface though.

But I am curious to know: I like this a lot but could not find any modern application for it beyond perhaps a beer label. Do people use it to render historical texts accurately, so in that sense is it a purely historical reconstruction, or have you seen possible examples of modern usage?

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Ah yes, dump the quote. Set something in Yiddish. I'm not being sarcastic. The Hebrew cut in Kaas does more to help blackletter than almost anything else. We need that for Eskapade. http://typographica.org/typeface-reviews/eskapade/


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Thanks for your comments.

The quote has been replaced at alterlittera.com (it seems it can't be removed from the first post, though ...). For modern uses of blackletter in general, you might have a look, for example, at "Slanted Magazin #10 – Heavy Metal. Lovers." As a nice aside, I was gladly surprised a few months ago when I saw a recent release by rock veterans Saxon which made use of a somewhat popular version of Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift for some of the text. No hard rules, however: use blackletter at your discretion and see whether it fits your purpose. And finally, I would really like to include Yiddish in the font, but that is well beyond my (limited) knowledege of different languages.

Thanks again.

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Here's a closer look at the (almost) full character set:

Have a nice weekend.

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Finally, available at MyFonts.

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This is so gorgeous! I have loved this font for a long time; it's wonderful to see a more comprehensive and faithful reproduction.

Are there more initials like that I in the image?

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Thanks for the compliments. Only that /I/, for now ...

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Massive Summer 2013 Sale at MyFonts: Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift (as well as every other Alter Littera font) 80% off until July 24.


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Posted a notice of the sale to the AAUP Design List. You sure won't get rich, but maybe a few will buy...

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That was very kind of you. Thanks a lot.

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What a wonderful font! Koch's elegant masterpiece in a truly impressive digital version -- including a proper anglo-readable k. Could be marketed for so many uses, from the Christmas trade, to wedding invitations, to music that really rocks.

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Thank you so much to all who read and/or commented.

Just let me say good bye to this thread by reminding that our massive Summer 2013 Sale at MyFonts is only a couple of days from ending.

Cheers, and have a nice summer.

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