any help out with this font ID ?

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Hi there,

Can anyone help out IDing this font?


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The closest I have is Bourgeois, very close actually but still not convinced it could be it... This sample looks rounded and somehow in-between Regular and Condensed version.
I'm curious too. From which movie poster is it?

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Hi Ryuk,
Thanks for your reply. Yeah, it's not quite the same unfortunately.

It's from the new Will Smith film AFTER EARTH

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any one else have any other suggestions? I know it's a the project file i'm working on is telling me it is missing :( It just doesn't tell me what it's called!

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i'm with ryuk. at this point, Bourgeois would do. the sample looks like it may have been artificially bolded & possibly mildly squished. and certainly photoshopped so the slight roundness would be an effect of either intent or just the sample at hand.

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Yeah, I know what you mean, but it's definitely a font that exists as a stand alone file.
I only know this because it's a "text layer" in Final Cut Pro....and there's limited options with what you can do to your type in side this app.

Unfortunately it doesn't tell me the name of the missing font, it just defaults to another one in the list. Very frustrating!

If anyone else out there has any other suggestions....they are very welcome! :)

Thanks guys

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Maybe you guys are does look VERY similar to Bourgeois Book! :)

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At the moment, Bourgeois is your only option. Is there any way/trick to know the name like exporting/rendering/opening your file with another compatible software? Try googling, it might work, someone would propably had the same problem.
May be this one could help:
Move down to Kevin Brock Re: How to identify a font in a project? 14 juil. 2010 14:14 (in response to Scott Robert), he talks about GridIron Flow that used (unfortunately) to do the trick. There should be more.

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