(x) Brendel Informatik's Plakette - based on Permanent {Mike F}

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"plakette" shareware font by Brendel Informatik is on what commercial font.

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Similar to House Gothic Condensed Bold

which are very popular this evening.

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'Compacta' and 'Europa Grotesque' would be close, as well..

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Brendel Informatik, I have come to learn, digitized quite a few typefaces that are otherwise unavailable digitally. I think that Plakette is a digitization of the Permanent typeface family (the g and, especially, the y are quite distinctive). This is Plakette DemiBold:

Using and stretching this, I was able to duplicate your 'panic' image.

Permanent originally came in more than one weight and Brendel offers Plakette in five. The only other digital version of Permenent I'm aware of is URW's. Pre-digital Permanent also used to be offered in versions with and without descenders. URW's offering matches Plakette DemiBold, except that it is without descenders while Plakette is with descenders.

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