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I'm trying to figure out the font/close font to the script typeface that spell "Regulation"
On this retro-styled wiffle ball packaging


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Also if you had an idea of the "Wiffle Ball" typeface

It looks customized, the closest I can match is Franklin Gothic Condensed

Thanks for your help!

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Regulation seems to be based on a Didone, but I can't place it offhand.
Some similarities in TorinoItalicBold.

There may be something closer, or the label could have been created by creative editing in the photo composition era.

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WIFFLE BALL: I like Duotone, Doublecross or Double D
Regulation: reminds me of those vintage cartographic typefaces. Some: Kursivschrift, Law Italic, Römisch, Sirenne

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Kursiveschrift Liegend [LT] has an approximation of R, g, u and n but is too wide. There are several fonts with only the R and g: Torino Italic Bold, ITC Century, Century Nova, Madison Antiqua and Modern No. 20 [BT]. Widths and weights vary. I have not found any fonts with matching l and i that also have matching R, g, u and n.
Perhaps you will have to clip and paste from several fonts and adjust widths and weights to make the word.
BTW, Identifont was not helpful in finding anything similar to Kursiveschrift Liegend

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For l and i, Amazone and Good Vibrations have a fair approximation.

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