Is Dicot a system font?

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I am using Dicot Medium in a logo, but the client asked if this is a system font. Honestly, I don't know. Nor was was I concerned... if it looks right, what does it matter if it is or isn't?
But I understand the need for exclusivity and the safety of a custom or rare font for logo designs (it didn't stop Instagram... until recently). So I turn to you, fellow font friends. What are the origins of Dicot?

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You can find the answer here:

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If it's a system font (but which system? :-) then you don't need to install it (which might further involve licensing it). Dicot isn't a system font on any system AFAIK but -being a freebie- isn't exactly custom or rare either... And I don't understand your search for its "origins".

My advice: Find a good font that's not free (which helps make it less common) and convince people it's a good idea to use it.


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The font DicotMedium_Regular.ttf contains the following: "Copyright 1990-1993 FontBank, Inc.". As for FontBank, you can read Luc Devroye's comments:

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The key words are "no budget" with the client. As soon as I mentioned purchasing a font, he shook his head and said Dicot is fine. I think my mistake was not anticipating the need to purchase a new typeface in the proposal. I'll remember to include this in the next gig.

@George: Yes, I think we're all adults here and realize one would normally find all of life's questions on Google. The answer is 42, by the way.

@Michael: So Dicot is basically a ripoff or potentially a font from Photo Lettering?

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So Dicot is basically a ripoff or potentially a font from Photo Lettering?

The design might even be original, who knows. In any case, in this message dated dec 2005, Mr. Saperstein speaks of FontBank as a thing of the past. That may explain those fonts that are floating around, free, without a EULA.

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