Ferodo logotype ID

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Does anyone know what font is used in this logotype for Ferodo, they make brakes…
Many thanks

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Close is Neuland/Neuland 011/Jungle Fever but none of these versions matches.

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hm. downloaded one of their catalogs and the font list in the pdf includes "createdferodoicons". don't have the pro version of acrobat w/pitstop here to see exactly where it's used, but might be a custom job.

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Thanks guys. That definitely sounds like a custom job.

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Note that in the original metal, Neuland's sizes were each very different (because Koch cut them by hand/eye). It's possible this was taken from a particular size that hasn't been digitized.


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Jaspert's Type Encyclopedia explains the process:

The logo seems bolded, even when one considers the variation in the original. Here is one size from 1923--I am using a fairly large scale image so the details are clear:

Love the font. Endlessly abused for variations that Koch would find silly, but the originals remain fresh to the modern eye.

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