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Hey everybody,

I'm in the "looking for inspiration" phase of the design process in creating a classic logo.
My client wants a logo in style of Hermes.

Here is my moodboard so far.
Do you have any extra ideas and of course fonts that would go well with a classic (1900 style) logo.

Thank you !

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Maybe a bit much here, but I like it:


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Do you have any extra ideas...

Main Ideas and Extra Ideas ...you never know when you'll need an Idea. Best to be prepared with Extra Ideas ...good thing I've gots lots :) Not all good Extra Ideas tho. I guess it all depends on how one manages their Extra Ideas as to how effective they can be ...and become main Ideas!

Anyways... back while ago now I snagged this link to a whole book of Extra Ideas ... it's not called that tho....


...they called it the 1923 American Type Founders Specimen Book Catalogue.


For me the fun really starts around page 586 of the ...1923 American Type Founders Specimen Book of Extra Ideas ...beginning with a spiffy selection of Typographic Accessories.

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Wow, this is very interesting !
How do you find these kind of things :p (I should learn how to google better ;) )

Thanks for the replies guys,

I think the font of "the vintager", displayed in my first post, is knockout,
but does anybody know how you "curve" the letters in a nice way like that ?
Not just typed on a curving path?

Thanks !!!

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The Book of Extra Ideas link I snagged from here at Typophile.

I think Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Medium Condensed is the font used for VINTAGER, but I don't know what the fonts are for the type on top and below VINTAGER.


And to achieve that text effect simply use... Effect > Warp > Arc Lower ...and enter a negative value.

Oops sorry, I guess it could be Knockout ...

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