ITC Bauhaus for a company logo

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I'm looking into use ITC Bauhaus or ITC Ronda for my company logo. The company is creating a social network around entertainment contents, and my design philosophy around this product is to create a lasting, more general (than trendy) logo using name "Open." The main color scheme will use color Red. With the background in red, the letters will more likely to be in white. I'd appreciate any feedback on using ITC Bauhaus for the company logo.

Also, ITC Bauhaus and ITC Ronda are pretty similar, and I'm contemplating which would be a better font for this logo. Also feedback would be welcomed!

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Can't really judge a logo without seeing it, but I'd be concerned that it might make the logo look dated, as Bauhaus was used a lot in the 1970s and 80s.

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White on red? Levi’s. And a lot more…

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Supreme, or as it has most recently become known as Suepreme.

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