Awesome tool to discover font combination easily

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Hello Guys,,

We know that finding the right composition for our typography project is time comsuming.

I built typeface testing tool to save hours of design and type testing time every week. 

Font Pro - Free Fonts and Web Fonts

Font Pro is built to make easier to work with web type and hopefully make the web more beautiful and readable place.

We can start a new project with a blank canvas, and get some pretty detail options in minutes.

Swap the fonts easily and apply some basic style such as font size, font style (italic, bold, underline), text color, background color, margin, and so on.

Once we have done with your typeface project, download the html, css, and all web fonts we use for our project in at the push of button.

This tool is still on beta stage, I am looking for feedback and suggestion.

Thanks in advance,

Font Pro Founder

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So basically identical to Typecast but without the choice of quality fonts.

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Does it only feature free fonts?


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@chris, basically yes. But we offer that feature for free. Our tool is still on beta stage and of course it need a lot of improvements and hard works. We are working to add more quality font so we can discover font combinations event better. Thanks for your feedback, chris!

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@hrant, yes it only feature free font at the moment. We are working to add more premium foundry to give options to buy premium fonts. We are working on Fonts MarketPlace, so designer can promote and sell their fonts. Thanks for your question :)

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For more information how it works, I suggest you to read AddictiveTips review about FontPro here:

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