Univers / Univers Condensed Substitute

Hi everyone,
We recently released a new Corporate Design featuring Univers and Univers Condensed. It all works – great.
However the client s not willing to boy the 100+ licenses to get the fonts onto it employees computers for daily use on stationary etc.
So now I am looking for a substitute that ships with the standard Windows 7 package and resembles Univers and Univers Condensed as closely as possible. Unfortunately I am working on a Mac so I don’t have access to the entire Windows 7 library to try it out myself.
Anyone have any ideas, maybe even faced a similar issue in the past?
Any tips or recommendations are highly appreciated

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The only thing even remotely close which shipped with my install of Win7 Pro 64-bit would be Arial and Arial Condensed…

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There are many options between an expensive site license and prostrating to a system font; don't give up on a good solution so easily.

What is the client's budget?

BTW you're going to need to get [access to] a Win7 machine, at least for testing. You can't ignore 90% of the computing world.


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Every Mac can run windows7.

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Once you define 'every Mac' as 'every Mac with an Intel CPU and a PC-like architecture', that is.

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Plus even more money.


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