Attempt to output 2147483647 into a 16-bit field

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I am editing an Arabic ttf unicode font in FontForge. After doing some lookup edit I get following error on generating TTF.

"Attempt to output 2147483647 into a 16-bit field. It will be truncated and the file may not be useful."
I am using Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit)

Everything was working fine an hour back and then it started giving above error.

I have attached the options chosen while generating ttf.

2nd issue:
I was trying to edit .fea file and merge it with FontForge but getting following error:

There were errors when parsing the feature file and the features have not been applied

Feature file is also attached

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Look at your "Warnings" -> (glyph) name too long
There is the limit - 31 characters

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There are many fields (of type USHORT, SHORT, FWORD, UFWORD, uint16, offset ...) in opentype fonts that are 16 bits

Your Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bits won't help with that.

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Thanks to both of you for the reply.

What needs to be done to resolve it. There are so many glyphs with long names. How do I rename it?

I am fairly new to Font technology and font forge too? Any other software which will help?

@Mitchel Boyer -> Will it work in Winds 7 32bit? How do I resolve it?

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Changing to another version of Windows or to the Mac or to Linux will change nothing if the problem is due to too many kerning pairs, or overflowing tables etc. The limitation comes from the original specification of the font files (truetype or opentype); with Fontlab, you would just get another message (that might be more meaningful to those populating this site).

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So how would I know which lookup table is giving problem so that I can create another table and move some of the lookup in it. Will that solve the problem?

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For the time being you have 2000 glyphs whose name is 98 characters long. You probably need first solve that problem; I have no experience whatsoever with a what you are trying to do.

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How do I rename a glyph in fontforge. There is one glyph which show no combination and it does not have any name. How do I add combination. Before that I have to give a name to that glyph.

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I don't know how to automatically build glyphs without python and fontforge scripts. Renaming is also easy with scripts.

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Ok thanks. I will try and update.

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