what font is this?

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what font is the "stella" wordmark at the bottom left of the page?
any ideas? any help, much appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Close to Reversion by You Work For Them.
There might be a Dafont freebie like this too, since square techno stuff is pretty popular (and easy to draw).

- Mike Yanega

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thanks, mike.

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To me, no font is needed to do such a lettering as it is only made with strokes. You could also easily do the same starting from any pixel/bitmap font of your choice. If you still need something that could quickly do the job, may be having a look to some sections at DaFont would worth a shot: Bitmap > Pixel, Bitmap and Techno > Square.
Some in the same vein: AnaScript ("closing" letters), SF Square Head Extended, MGS2-Menu, Low Gun Screen Expanded, Reversion, 04b-31, Abstract, Fonts For Flash, miniml

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thanks for all the info. appreciate the help. yes, this could be drawn, but its for a pitch book that I need to finish in a week, so no time to draw word marks. thanks again.

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