kvik / grotesk

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Any ideas on this one – help appreciated!

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Hard to say, very generic and not many letters. Part of this soft sans with blunt corners (which actually could be the result of a post-treatment), that could be a lot of things even totally done from scratch. Their own actual corporate typeface is Avenir, they may even have started with it.
Some more, same ballpark, rounded or not, fitting only for /k, /v and /i: FF Daxline, Handel Gothic, Klavika, Univers, FF Unit, FF Signa, FF Strada, FF Sari (nicely rounded but many redrawing/adjustments needed), Neuzeit DIN and S (Soft Rounded here), Notes Soft, Hermes FB

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Thanks a lot Ryuk!

Neuzeit Office Soft Rounded doesn’t look too bad, but as you said – probably customised ...

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